scales of justice

What You Allow, Lingers

By Annette Hope Billings
What you allow, lingers,
what you invite, stays put,
so speak rudely to discord
and its sullen sisters,
turn a cold shoulder to bigotry
in all its disguises,
ignore the doorbell when jealousy rings,
and stop violence at the door — like a stranger.
usher in joy like a long lost friend —
take its coat, its hat,
entertain peace,
chat up passion,
pamper generosity,
give the guest room to justice.
Sweep the porch
and place a welcome mat for goodness,
make your life poorly-suited
for anything but love.
 and when hate knocks, act like you’ve moved! 

About the Author

Annette Hope Billings is an poet/actress from Topeka, where she flourishes despite attempts by the “Midwest Bible Belt” to constrain her uppity muses. An award-winning author, her latest poetry collection is “A Net Full of Hope.” Annette has been a nurse for forty years and the political ills of her beloved Kansas break her heart.

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Image via Citizensheep on Flickr