Open letter to Brownback

Art by Rich Kobs

An Open Letter to Sam Brownback

Having observed you over the years, it seems your main interest is in doing things to make the world harder for anyone you don’t approve of.

This includes women, gays, teachers, working folks, retirees and minorities, to name a few. When did it become the job of the governor to single people out for special treatment? We are not paying you to blame good Kansans for what is going wrong while you turn Kansas into a place where no one wants to live.

When you raise taxes for working people and families, you are taking food out of the mouths of kids and families.

When you raise taxes for working people and families, you are taking food out of the mouths of kids and families. Your talk of family values rings hollow. You carry on about the rights of fetuses, but they want to know why you abandoned them once they are born. At the same time, your billionaire buddies skate by without being taxed at all. When you block Medicaid expansion, you are killing people. Will the real death panel please stand up? Stop making medical decisions for people and breaking up families for using medical cannabis and stop persecuting people for trying to save their own lives.

In your pursuit of a culture of life, you have allowed the untrained, the careless, right wing fanatics and other terrorists as well as the insane to own guns and bring them anywhere. This has resulted in mass murders on a daily basis and a rash of religiously motivated right wing fanatics with guns that are much scarier than Islamic terrorists. People would have to be crazy to move here under these circumstances. When you trash education, you trash kids and families, you steal their futures. Public education will never be perfect, but it levels the playing field and gives people a shot.

You don’t like abortions, but there is no dignity for 99% of Kansans in a state controlled by billionaires and their lackeys. Your culture of life is a sham, that’s why you want to force women to give birth, because no one would want to birth a kid to toil under you and your benefactors.

You make a great show of your religiosity, but your hypocrisy shines through in your behavior and actions.

I will tell you what I see in the tea leaves: You are legalizing discrimination, killing education, gutting women’s health care, criminalizing poverty and homelessness while bankrupting the state.

Your actions reek of Germany in 1936. Even the most carefully thought-out plans of mice and men have unanticipated consequences. Hopefully, I will live long enough to see you get yours. It will happen, count on it. For someone as reckless as yourself, there is no limit to the random possibilities and unintended consequences of your actions. Before it’s over, dude, you will feel like a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. Just wait, it’s coming just as sure as a bear craps in the woods.

Russ Pataky