One Kansas Governor

“As the nation mourns those killed in last week’s mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Kansas universities are preparing to implement a law that will allow most people to carry concealed firearms without a permit on campus.” – Wichita Eagle, October 5, 2015

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DO SOMETHING. Join up with the Kansas Coalition for a Gun-Free Campus. Sign their petition.
Copy/paste these email addresses to tell members of the Federal and State Affairs Committee that you support HB 2526 and SB 348:,,,,,,,,

“In some places, people want to engage on an issue like the shootings and explore possibilities of what can be done to prevent it or reduce it. Then there’s the other universe, which I think Kansas is in, where if it stops anyone from getting a gun, anytime anywhere, we don’t want to talk about it.” – Bob Beatty, professor of political science at Washburn University

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