microburst masthead fashioned of wire

Many Northeast Kansas artists and writers are actively engaged in seeking out and making creative responses to what they see as an extreme conservative political takeover of the state: Poets and writers are creating works that they publish nationally in order to magnify maladies experienced at home, while visual artists create iconic stencils and prints to incite outrage and visceral responses from Kansas citizens.

Until now there has been no concerted effort to join the works of artists and writers into a single intercom broadcasting a unified front against the political bullying and manipulation of our beloved state. Microburst seeks to shout into that void, to elicit a response from Kansas citizenry, to generate a cacophony of conversation and to place the tools of action into the hands of the people.

Microburst, like the sudden storm event that its name emulates, will shake Kansas – by placing art and writing into the hands of its citizens, and by eliciting a swift and sizeable response.